Counseling Individuals, Families & Couples

I am focused on helping individuals, couples and families overcome past hurts, restore confidence and create life purpose by employing empirically proven, holistic and integrative, transcendental techniques. I specialize in working with adolescents (14-18), adults (18-60) and couples. I specialize in assisting my clients to work through relationships (infidelity, anger, communication, sex/intimacy), trauma (witness to violence, domestic violence), impulsive addictive behaviors, eating disorders, ADD/ADHD, anxiety and depression

My clients identify with:

  • Anxiety, Depression, Phase of Life Problems/Major Life Transitions: Do you suffer from chronic and persistent anxiety or depression? Still grieving the loss of a loved one and not sure how to cope? Do your thoughts and mood shift from one extreme to another without any valid reason? Maybe you have difficulty managing your emotional control, as you notably become hostile and angry towards others.  You may even be struggling with persistent worry and feeling overwhelmed with managing the practicalities of life. Experiencing panic, tight chest, shortness of breath, or muscle tension? I will provide you with concrete tools to manage and decrease your symptoms so that you begin to feel relief as we seek to understand the root cause.

  • Eating Disorders: (anorexia, bulimia, binge-eating disorder) “Too thick”? “Too thin”? Feeling pressured by the media to lose weight and stay thin? Are you engaging in self-destructive behavior to meet your unrealistic goals? Discouraged by your unsuccessful efforts? Beating yourself up mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually? Do you suffer from intense self-criticism, self-esteem, and body image issues? I will assist you to tune into your internal intelligence and intuition to overcome feelings of self-doubt, negative self-talk, and shame attacking via empirically studied techniques. I will assist you with altering limiting self-beliefs into more empowering ones.

  • ADHD: Do you have a difficult time following through with miscellaneous tasks, following directions, or paying attention to detail? Often starting one thing before finishing another? Do you struggle with inattention, poor concentration, hyperactivity, or impulsivity? Do you feel like you are driven by a motor? Can't sit still? Always fidgeting? Managing these symptoms on your own can be an enormous task without having the right knowledge and tools. I will provide you with empirically based techniques to decrease hyperactivity and inattention in order to increase efficacy of management.

  • Addiction: Are you struggling with the stigma and challenges relative to overcoming addiction? Maybe you are addicted to food, gambling, exercise, drugs, sex, porn, and/or alcohol? Not sure how to take the first step? I will assist you with motivational interviewing techniques, for the purpose of encouraging motivation for change as a means to prepare for your individual recovery plan.

  • Trauma: Whether you are recovering from previous unhealthy relationships, witness to violence, and/or a victim of abuse. I will assist you with processing past hurts in order to heal.

  • Relationships/Couples: Are you and your partner facing challenges with communication, co-dependence, intimacy or boundary setting? Perhaps, you and your partner are having difficulty navigating challenges relative to parenting. New born on the way? Working through a divorce or an abusive relationship? Feel like giving up on your partner? My passion and insight into relational dynamics and effective communication will provide couples with tools they need to improve the quality and intention of their relationships.