I am focused on helping individuals, couples and families overcome past hurts, restore confidence and create life purpose by employing empirically proven, holistic and integrative, transcendental techniques. I specialize in working with adolescents (14-18), adults (18-60) and couples. I specialize in assisting my clients to work through resistance and create space in order to improve challenges relative to relationships, trauma, impulsive addictive behaviors, eating disorders, ADD/ADHD, anxiety and depression by putting emphasis on the mind-body connection.

Before committing to a full-priced session, I encourage you to utilize the complementary 15 minute phone consultation to determine if we are a good fit.


  • Individual

    $120 Per 50 minute session

    $175 Per 90 minute session

    (90 minutes is recommended for clients who want even more time spent on integration of yoga/transcendental techniques)

  • Couples and Families

    $200+ Per 50 minute session

    $275+ Per 90 minute session

  • Accepted Insurance:

    • Blue Cross Blue Shield

    • Out-of-network provider-  Meaning that unless you have Blue Cross Blue Shield for insurance, I have not contracted with your insurance company for reimbursement at a negotiated rate. Some health plans offer coverage for out-of-network providers. Contact your insurance carrier to determine if you have out of network benefits in effort to get reimbursed for services.

  • Session Location

    • In Person: Office/Studio

    • Remote: Phone or secure video chat.

      • contact me with any questions