On Boundaries


This might be the one time that I encourage you to be selfish-with yourself, your kids, your spouse, mom and dad, your dog, you name it. Give yourself permission to be selfish in the sense that you take care of you and your needs first. I’m talking about diet, exercise, sleep, hygiene-yep you guessed it, self-care.

Your diet/self-care isn’t just what you eat its who and how you surround yourself; what your looking at online/social media, sleep hygiene, exercise, etc. How does it serve you, your mental health and well being to give into your instagram feed for hours on end, or to eat that gooey mac n’ cheese’ because you’re ‘lonely’ or your friend ‘wanted’ you to.

Whether you are working on personal boundaries with yourself, co-workers, family, friends, DON’T give into something/someone because it’s convenient or because you feel bad saying “no”. Ask yourself what you and your body really wants and needs before saying yes instantaneously. The more you listen to that whisper in your head the louder it’ll become.

Next time you are faced with a opportunity to test your boundaries try using the phrases, below as they are alternatives for saying “No” to something/someone that doesn’t serve you.

“Let me think about that”

“I’ll get back to you”

“I’ll check my schedule”

“You know that’s not necessarily something I want to put my energy in to right now”

“No thank you”

“Maybe next time”