Stages of Change

“Who me?” “What problem?”

“I’ll think about that tomorrow”

“Things aren’t that bad”.

“Quit nagging me”.

Sound familiar?

If you identify with any of these thinking patterns you may be in the pre-contemplative stage of change (yes, there are stages to change). Change is a gradual process and it’s not easy. You need to recognize the issue and admit to it before you can fix it. Whether it be challenges related to changing your addictive patterns, trauma, anxiety, depressive symptoms or relationships…..

You already know change is anxiety provoking, fear inducing, and extremely uncomfortable - but did you know that when you work through the resistance to change you reward yourself with the greatest gift of all-self transformation?

Let me end with this- No one has ever died from fear (to my knowledge) but many have died from suppressing discomfort, fear and pent up emotion- derived from reluctance to change.

Don’t let that be you. 

See below for the 6 stages of change.*



Preparation/Will Power




*Change is an evolving process so don’t beat yourself up if you feel stuck in one of the stages of change, digress towards an earlier stage, and/or continue to struggle with constant relapse (which can occur in any one of the stages of change). Relapse is expected and a part of the process. The take away here is that you don’t give up and continue to make an effort to embark on the journey of self-transformation.