Frequently Asked Questions about Counseling

What is therapy? Is therapy different from counseling or life coaching? What do the four letters signify behind a therapist name? What are the different types of therapy? What is the difference between seeing a psychiatrist, psychologist, or therapist? What is the therapeutic process? 

If you're asking yourself these questions your in the right place. The truth is, therapy comes in all shapes and sizes. There are no two therapists of the same background, experience, culture, or beliefs. Therapy isn't infinite! Treatment goals exist for a reason. People often fear that once they are in therapy they are committed for eternity. You want to get better right? The relationship between you and your therapist is collaborate and integrative. Trust your instincts. You will know therapy is right for you because you will feel a rapport with your therapist.  If you don't feel better after a therapy session, STOP GOING. It's okay to shop around for the therapist that suits you and your needs.