On Gratitude

I find Gratitude to be an elusive, blanket term used to remind us of all of the people, places, and things that we are thankful for, and/or lacking appreciation in. As a therapist, I find that the majority of people practice gratitude via prayer, journaling, making lists, and/or taking inventory of one's actions, thoughts, and behaviors in everyday life. While the former list may work for most, I've found that for me, best practice comes with cultivating the use of my own breathe. By using my breathe, I am able to tune my awareness inward, doing so helps to ground and center my mind-body-spirit; allowing the purest expression of gratitude to filter into the present moment. Now, the practice of gratitude isn't just good for our egos-it has been empirically proven to rewire our thinking on a neurological level, decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression. Bottom line-do what works for you and keep doing it. Fullest expression.