On getting back to the process

Full disclosure.

When I first started my private practice and began to build this website I told myself I would commit to blogging once a week, NO excuses. Ha! That lasted about a month or so before I ‘fell off’. In this case, ‘falling off’ for me meant enjoying my summer; traveling, spending time at the beach, with family and with friends. I made statements like “I’ll get to the later”, “I’ll do it tomorrow”, “One less week of blogging can’t hurt, right?” Well, days of not blogging turned into weeks of not blogging in this case.

Am I losing ambition? Do I really have what it takes to be a business owner? How is it that I can vicariously heal my clients with anxiety, depression, trauma, relationships, etc. when I am still battling with my own demons? It’s so incredbly easy to get lost in the spur of the moment yet as soon as a days worth of fun is over, you are alone again, in your head and in your thoughts. When this happens, you can just as easily get caught up in beating yourself up (mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually) for not keeping your promises (or mine in this case).

Here’s the thing, I am only human. People have this misconception that therapists’ aren’t real people. I am not a robot. I am the complete opposite. I plunge myself into the depths of emotion. I have compassion and dignitiy. I have my faults and my setbacks but I keep going. Regardless of how often I “fall off” I always always always make it a point to get back to the process-the evolving process of life.

So next time you are feeling like you can’t get out of bed and get through the day ahead to manage your kids, relationships, mental health, WHATEVER the case may be-REMEMBER that it’s a process. Remember that you will have another opportunity for growth and success. Most importantly, remember to laugh because you know it’s not going to be the only day that you’re going to feel like giving up. Smile because you didn’t give up anyway.

Keep going. Get back to the process. When the going gets tough again (because it will) keep going. The only way out is through.

Fondly, dearly, sincerely,