Eat Your Way Out of Depression

I know what your thinking. Often times when you’re depressed, you over eat and/or under eat. You can’t sleep. You feel restless and irritable yet all you want to do is sleep. You have poor focus and concentration and maybe you experience feelings of hopelessness. So, how could it be you ask - that you can truly eat your way out of depression?

I’ve been there. I understand how difficult it can be to get yourself out of this cycle. Luckily, I also understand the impact that diet has on our blood sugar levels, focus and overall mood.

Next time you start to feel depression creep it’s way back in, come back to basics. Plan for and make an effort to eat 3 meals a day, even if it means that you are only able to get down a bite or two of food at a time. Doing so will aid to structure and routine which is critical for managing mood, ultimately preventing yourself from falling into a dark space.

Think about combining one item of food from each of the three categories listed below for optimal functioning:

Protein Rich Foods - chicken, tuna, beans, yogurt etc., contain an amino acid called tryptophan, which may help you make serotonin. Eating protein rich foods can boost your energy, help you clear your mind - improving your focus and concentration.

”Smart” carbs / Root Vegetables - sweet potatoes, yams, turnips, radishes, beets etc., all have a grounding and calming effect as they are legitimately vegetables that are derived from the earth. Additionally, complex carbs release serotonin- the same mood boosting brain chemical that protein makes.

Healthy Fats - avocado, coconut oil, almond butter, fatty fish, flax seeds, olive oil (to name a few) not only helps to balance your blood sugar levels (works to sustain energy) but more so - research suggests that those who do not consume enough omega fatty acids are more susceptible to and/or experience clinical depressive symptoms.

Grilled bronzini

Grilled bronzini